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Guide to QFN/LGA & BTC Process Defects launched for SMART Group

By August 25, 2017 News

Our latest Process Defect Photo Guide entitled “Guide to QFN/LGA & BTC Process Defects” will be released on 16th October. This optical and x-ray guide covers the most common components, assembly process and reliability failures that may occur using these parts. It shows issues at goods receipt, typical assembly related problems plus solder joint and cleanliness failures that can occur in the field. The guide provides example images of satisfactory print, placement, reflow with many common defects found with optical and x-ray inspection

Engineers can register for a guide today to be sent a download link on the date of release 16th October. Register Here 

In addition to this new Free Defect Guide SMART Group will be presenting a Free webinar entitled QFN/LGA & BTC Process Defects – Causes & Cures on Monday 16th October at 2.30pm UK Time. The webinar will feature a step by step process overview to successfully implementing QFN/LGA & BTC packages as well as the most common failures and corrective action. The guides author Bob Willis has had experience in processing these parts in many different soldering process, printing and paste jetting plus conformal coating and successful cleaning processes. To register for the webinar follow the link Provided Here

Many Defect Guides including Lead-Free have been produced by Bob Willis for the SMART Group and other organisation and magazines. Bob has produced guides/reports on Lead-Free, PCB Surface Finishes, Pin In Hole Reflow, Double Sided Reflow, PoP Technology, Conformal Coating & PCB Cleaning Failures. Report and guides have also been circulated worldwide by the SMTA to raise money for charity