Our WNIE Defect of the Month videos in 2023

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Our Defect of the Month videos in 2023. Many thanks to Solderstar, Humiseal & EVS for sponsoring my Defect of the Month videos featured on WNIE TV. Tombstoning of Chip Components the most popular subject in the last few months. We have covered 12 topics including:
Solder Balloons
Solder Skips
Secondary Reflow
Conformal Coating
Pad Cratering
Tombstoning of Chip Components
Underfill Voids
Cleaning Compatibility
LTS Solder Balling
Non-Reflow of Solder Paste
Ultrasonic Cleaning Damage

You can find all of these videos at WNIE TV What’s New In Electronics You Tube Channel

I have created well over 140 videos on process defects causes and cures since starting in 2009 with IPC and NPL. Sorry to say we are still seeing many of the same old problems today