Diving & Playing Football on Meeru in the Maldives

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Diving in the Maldives is great but also an opportunity to play football for the Guest Team helps make a superb holiday

Compilation video of different dives in the Maldives with Euro Divers from my island base on Meeru is available below. The island is a 45min speed boat ride from Male International Airport. Great dive operation and the opportunity to see lots of sea life, play football on and relax post-Christmas

Diving videos from the Maldives

A little break from diving, football and sunbathing is a good thing. Trying 50 balls with a 5 and 9 iron is fun too. It’s been a long time away from golf as a kid acting as a caddie at Chelmsford Golf Club for the lady players. The ladies always gave a bigger tip!! Also making pocket money finding balls for the club professional. It was easy as a caddie you watched where all the ball were lost

On Meeru island we played the maintenance department on the Sunday I arrived, here is the guest score. I also played last Sunday before flying home. The administration department were not as good however we did have a great German goalkeeper. The artificial astro turf pitch was first class for an island in the middle ocean. There were just 6 guest players and the 11 made up of other departments. I understand guests could also play at 6am every morning, which would have me missing diving!! Something’s I will not miss football for!!!!

Score from the first game on arrival on the island

Score board from the second Sunday game

Before most matches the gardening department send out a cleaner tractor to sweep the pitch of sand which made the playing surface perfect