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Solder Ball Elimination – In Wave, Selective & Reflow Online Webinar

By February 5, 2017 News

Solder balls and solder beading have been a process issue for many years and they may not cause product failure or quality problems but they are not desirable. Solder balls are caused by a variety of factors in different processes and should be resolved to eliminate a poorly defined process or a process and materials which are out of control

With over 40 years in industry and 30 solving process problems for industry Bob Willis explains the causes and curses for solder balls. Bob’s webinar features many unique process video clips on testing and failures and make his sessions come alive providing a much better understanding of the root cause of failure and corrective action. To find out more or make a booking Click Here

The webinar is presented by Bob Willis on Thursday 16th March at 2.30pm UK Time

Each webinar last approximately 60-90 mins with the opportunity for questions. Delegates can send their own solder balling problems for discussion during the webinar

A copy of the slides presented during the webinar are provided at the end of the event