Robotic Soldering – New FREE eBook from Bob Willis

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Robotic Soldering, Inspection & Defect Guide
is the latest free process guide produced by Bob Willis. If you would like to contribute to this 70-80 page colour eBook, contact us direct for information on how you can participate and raise money for charity plus take part in our launch webinar before Productronica 2023. If you would like to exclusively support the book email Bob Willis 

We are very much looking forward to announcing our sponsor for the book released in November. However, if you have enjoyed and benefited from our previous two FREE soldering books and our many other colour defect guides you can make a small donation before release via our JustGivingPage for PROSTATE CANCER UK

The eBook is based on our practical experience from our first project using robotic soldering in 2018 and a special NPL Good Practice Guide with Dr Chris Hunt using high temperature alloys. In the NPL project we included both contact and laser soldering robots on high and standard lead-free alloys like SnCu, SnAgCu & Sn/Bi/Ag. The authors most recent activity has been with low temperature lead-free cored wire and standard SAC on a special test board designed for the original 2021 Robotic Soldering Experience. More recent work with two suppliers during 2022 and the release of our Robotic Soldering Inspection & Quality Control Wall Charts plus our Low Temperature & Robotic Soldering Photo Library also available soon FREE from
e Book will feature the following subjects:

Process Steps
Contact Soldering
Laser Soldering
Solder Alloy – Lead-Free SAC – Low & High Temperature
PCB Considerations
PCB Assembly Tooling
Solder Joint Inspection – AOI & X-ray
Process Defects – Causes & Cures
Process Defect Online Video Links
Robotic Soldering Experience – One Day
Suppliers – Soldering Systems & Materials