Playing Walking Football for England – Here is How

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Ever thought of playing Walking Football for your country, well here is our video showing what goes on. Well why not have a trial for one of the over 50, 60 and 65 squads. In the South Eastern Region, training and trials are conducted at Heybridge Swifts FC in Maldon, Essex. The sessions are run by three players and coaches, very well experienced with walking football from its original inception. If you participate you will start with a traditional warmup, then team play exercises before match play. Here we see a birds eye view of matches in progress at the Heybridge Swifts stadium

We never forget the goalkeepers, a very special breed who get to practice skills with other goal stoppers before match play. If you are interested in a trial your club can register your interest or call the organisers for further information. England squads have played matches against Wales, Gibraltar and Greece with return matches against Italy and Wales. They also won the first ever European Cup, and most Recently , the Walking Football, World Cup 2023. To be considered for a trial to play for England Walking Football squads, you must play for a WFA Affiliated Walking Football team and must be born in England or have at least 5 years residency in England. Your name can be submitted for a trial by your club committee. Please contact Gary Murphy if you need further information Email:  Mobile: 07890948666