Plan your Process Improvements in 2019 with our Monthly Worldwide Webinars

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More focused webinars than any other online provider for the electronics industry. If you have a specific topic you would like us to present online let us know so we can support your team with process solutions. In preparation for an event, find out more and to ensure you are equipped to get maximum benefit from any event, read our Webinar Guide

All our webinars are based on UK time you can check the time in your location Click Here

All of our webinars can also be presented on demand at a time and date of your choosing to fit in to your schedule

All of our 2019 webinars are available to book now from our Events Section Online

14th January – Crimp Inspection, Quality Control in the Real World of Manufacture
11th February – Solder Paste Evaluation & Simple Tricks of the Trade
18th March – Stencil Design for Solder Paste, In Process Inspection & Process Defects
29th April – Flexible Circuit Board Design & Assembly with Lead-Free Alloys
20th May – Successful X-Ray & Optical Inspection in a tin/lead or Lead-Free Process
17th June – Lead-Free Selective Soldering, Design, Quality Control & Practical Defect Solutions
15th July – Vapour Phase & Convection Reflow with Lead Free – Selecting the Reflow Process
12th August – Conformal Coating Application, Inspection & Defect Guide
16th September – Manual Cleaning of PCB Assemblies – Successful Tricks of the Trade
14th October – Practical Failure Analysis Methods in Printed Board Assembly
11th November – Benefits of Low Temperature Solders & Process Concerns
2nd December – QFN/LGA Design, Assembly Process Issues & Reliability