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Along with one of the largest collections of online webinars worldwide Bob Willis has added another new title to help solver customer process defects. Last month we added webinars on Tombstoning and Solder Preforms. This month we have added Solder Wicking Defects – Benefits, Causes & Cures. Organising an online webinar for you and your team could not be simpler. You include members of your onsite team, but you could also invite engineers from other sites or countries to join in, simple and very cost effective Find out more

Solder Wicking Defects – Benefits, Causes & Cures

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Solder wicking is where solder migrates to a surface or surfaces where its not intended. This may then result in open joints, solder shorts or the remaining solder volume not meeting your customers inspection criteria

Solder wicking can be seen on cable assembly, PCB manufacture, reflow soldering and other standard PCB assembly processes.  Solder wicking can be beneficial in some situations where it is part of a defined plan to improve reliability on poor designs or where other assembly issues may benefit from just a little more solder

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Topics included in our webinar:

What is solder wicking?
Why does solder wicking matter?
Where can wicking occur?
Steps in understanding & eliminating wicking
Impact of solder alloy, temperature & plating
How to eliminate or reduce solder wicking