Low Temperature Soldering Introduction & Much More

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If you are considering the use of Low Temperature Soldering and its company introduction there is just one resource to help your successful implement the technology into your product

Over the last couple of years we have created the first training courses, inspection criteria and photo library for the introduction on Low Temperature Soldering (LTS) on site. We can provide online training, or you can create your own onsite courses using our recourses which are unique in the industry

Training & Reference Wall Charts

LTS Robotic Soldering Joint Inspection Criteria & Defects
LTS Wave & Selective Solder Joint Inspection & Defects
LTS Hand Soldering and De-soldering Guide
Low Temperature Solder Joint Inspection

Photo & Video Library of Low Temperature Soldering

A collection of over 200 images showing satisfactory joints and process seps in printing, reflow, wave, robotic and selective soldering. The library also includes optical and x-ray images of process defects. In addition a selection of video clips are included showing process steps and defects occurring. All ideal to enhance your next training session

Online or Onsite Hands On Process Training & Support

LTS Hand Soldering & De-Soldering
LTS Reflow, Wave & Selective Soldering & Process Challenges
Robotic Soldering with Low Temperature & High Temperature Soldering

We have also created the Low Temperature Soldering Experience a special exhibition feature that could easily be included in a electronics exhibition or as part of a suppliers technical support