Lead Free & Tin/Lead Wave Soldering Defect Guide to Download

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Bob Willis has created many training videos and interactive CD-ROM over his many years working in industry. Based on over 30 years running training courses on wave soldering for process, quality engineers and operators on Electrovert, Blundell, Vitronics, SEHO and many other systems. Our Guide to Wave Soldering & Process Defects is now available as a download file for quicker delivery to your company. Originally it was just available as a CD-ROM from SMTA, IPC, SMART Group and other distributors not it can be download to your PC like our other training posters and photo albums

Take a look at what is included on our Guide Click Here

bobwillis wavesoldering002 bobwillis wavesoldering003

The interactive guide provides a complete guide to wave soldering, process setup, defect monitoring and a photo guide to some of the most common process defects and their causes. In addition the different parts of the process, fluxing, pre heat, solder waves are all accompanied with video examples

The following screen shots show the features and how they work on your PC

bobwillis wavesoldering005 bobwillis wavesoldering006

bobwillis wavesoldering008 bobwillis wavesoldering009

The files provided with the CD also include a PPM Monitoring spreadsheet and a guide to how to implement the use of PPM Parts Per Million monitoring process in to your facility. For further information on the interactive guide visit our Online Shop