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Its a real please to be back working with Rob Saunders on the Robotic Soldering Experience, our live and virtual production feature. Also I had an interesting interview with Kirsty on the Experience activity for What’s New in Electronics 
There has been a growing interest in the use of robots in soldering applications and many suppliers have offered bench top and freestanding systems to our industry. Solder suppliers have offered specific materials to aid and overcome common problems with these automated processes. Soldering is conducted with precision soldering irons or laser, but the fundamental rules of good soldering must still be followed to meet the most demanding applications for medical, industrial and automotive products

Design, component selection and good process control is very important if you are going to transition from skilled production staff to automated irons and laser beams. “Our Robotic Soldering Experience” continues on from The Lead-Free Experience 1-4 concept from early 2000 with practical hands on demonstrations with high and low temperature materials. Presentations and user experience on building boards and testing materials will be available online and to specially invited guests
A number of equipment suppliers will be invited to demonstrate the use of their system to solder a specific board design featuring multiple connectors. Material suppliers will be able to offer different cored solder wires for low and high temperature soldering and participate in the online presentations and interviews

Our feature coordinator, Bob Willis, has experience in conducted trials on robotic iron and laser soldering with different alloys and produced a report with National Physical Laboratory (NPL). He has also run workshops and online webinars in Europe and the US and events at major trade shows on robotic soldering

Find out more on the Robotic Experience

Find out what the Robotic Soldering Experience is all about

Topics covered in online presentations

PCB design rules
Programming robotic soldering systems
PCB tooling
Quality control & testing solder joints
Evaluation of cored solder wire for iron and laser soldering
Use of nitrogen to aid soldering
Extraction for robotic systems
Health and safety considerations
Soldering standards

Calling Equipment Suppliers

We are inviting the following suppliers to take part in this feature. Contact Chloe O’Brien or Rob Saunders – 01428 609382

Robotic Soldering Equipment – 6 – 8 Suppliers Maximum
Solder suppliers – 5 Suppliers Maximum
PCB suppliers – 2 Suppliers Maximum
Connector suppliers/distributors – 2 Suppliers Maximum
Inspection – 2 Suppliers Maximum
Extraction -1 Supplier
IR Temperature measurement – 1 Supplier

The feature will take place at a UK venue in UK (exact date to be confirmed) allowing plenty of pre-event promotion. To comply with COVID guidelines we will limit those on site to suppliers only and will be positioning the systems in a socially distanced environment

We will be filming the event throughout the day and collecting data

Suppliers will benefit from:

5 video clips on soldering with robots released before the event with sponsor branding featured on WNIE and through Social Media
Pre-Event Survey on robotic soldering with sponsor branding and option to add questions
Pre-event promotion and advertising for feature on WNIE industry hub and newsletter
Opportunity for physical on-site banner for branding at the event
1:1 interviews (either on site or via zoom),
Inclusion and promotion through the experience webinar
Additional advertising voucher to use on the WNIE platforms
Increased social media activity via WNIE, Bob Willis
Refreshments and lunch supplied to those suppliers on site

Contact the sales team for more information on the added advertising options Chloe O’Brien or Rob Saunders – 01428 609382

All of the content that is filmed on the day, the video interviews with each supplier and the webinar will be featured in a dedicated online newsletter through WNIE which will reach 60K+ email recipients, on the WNIE website, via social media feeds and promoted through selected trade partners

How This Experience would work

Each supplier would be asked to solder test boards with different connectors and with their choice of solder wires from cored wire products available from participating solder partners

Bob Willis Robotic Soldering Experience PCB

The machine supplier would solder test boards at the event, when they are happy with the set-up of their process

The boards would be marked with the supplier’s details and solder wire used then inspected independently

The results of the inspection would be either anonymous or named if individual companies agree. Other x-ray and microsection analysis may be conducted on samples after the event

An online webinar conference would be dedicated to the operation/implementation of robotic soldering

The results and other presentations, video interviews etc will be featured online and in dedicated newsletters. The webinar recordings of individual sessions will also be available and posted online

To be part of this exciting new feature please contact the following people:

Sponsorship– Chloe O’Brien or Rob Saunders – 01428 609382