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Join our Bob Willis Hand Soldering & De-soldering with Lead-Free Solder Webinar

By February 10, 2017 News

Hand soldering and de-soldering with lead-free solders does requires higher process temperatures. This material change can impact on the  printed circuit board and components used. It can also impact on the  tooling leading to increased cost and maintenance in your facility.  Soldering with lead-free can be simpler than you think if staff are  provided with the correct procedures and a better understanding of the  process and the type of joints they will be producing.  Changes to  material and processes in your factory is an ideal time to eliminate  poor practices that have been used for many years leading to extra  rework and cost

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Presented by Bob Willis

Each webinar last approximately 60-90mins with the opportunity for questions

Topics included:

Soldering theory and what is different
Cored solder wire
Soldering operation
Soldering iron care
Tip corrosion issues with lead-free
De-soldering techniques
Lead-free inspection criteria
Typical lead-free defects

A copy of the slides presented during the webinar are provided at the end of the event