Join Assembly Soldering Inspection Defects LinkedIn Group

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Join Assembly Soldering Inspection Defects LinkedIn Group

As a process engineer with over 30 years of running my own business. Running practical training courses worldwide. With experience in assembly, environmental testing, PCB manufacture and of course process defects. I love from a technical point of view seeing new defects and finding ways of illustrating the real cause and help people eliminate the defect once and for all. I often use process simulation to see defects happen which is the first step in understanding the cause. I am fairly well known in the PCB assembly industry for using 100’s or videos during conferences to show what can happen and how to avoid defects

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Please feel free to add new defects and failure discussions, or any relevant items on failure analysis that you would like to show and provide experience and knowledge with fellow engineers. I hope my defects, the videos and the work with National Physical Laboratory on creating and maintaining the “NPL Defect Database” is just a starting point