Helping to Rock Our World

I have just watched the latest videos from one of Essex’s premier rock band Gunrunner, recorded live in an engineering factory in Romford. I had the great pleasure along with Chris Jullings from Chelmsford City Walking Football (CCWF) on a Sunday morning shoot to experience the wall of sound after the first lockdown. Chris was on still photography and I was the roving closeup camera boy

Gunrunner the Romford Sessions

I was very pleased to have contributed a very small part to the project, Band member Markus has edited the sound and vision with great skill. I know the time it takes to edit sound and multi cameras and Markus has done a first class job. Rock is not my music of choice, being a funk and soul DJ for many years but please take a listen to the tracks with Spencer Pratten another CCWF team mate on guitar

Watch all of the latest band videos online for the true ROCK EXPERIENCE