Flying Our Drone & 360 Views

By March 12, 2021July 15th, 2021No Comments

Here are some of our drone videos and 360 views from anywhere we travel on foot and bike. Looking forward to traveling further in the near future. We also hope in the future to get back to regularly travelling worldwide and of course diving with the wonderful marine life in 360, if we can process the ever increasing files sizes. Getting back to a happy life with a little consultancy work in manufacture to keep me up to date will be great too

Chelmsford City Walking Football Training at Melbourne Park

Pleshey Village and Castle Mount, Essex 

Snowing in Broomfield, Chelmsford

Tollesbury at the mouth of the River Blackwater

Chelmsford Flooding in 2021

Chelmsford New Years Evening 2020

Chelmsford New Year Midnight 2020

Broomfield Fireworks New Year Midnight 2020

Wireworks on New Years Eve 2020 in Broomfield

Snowing in Chelmsford 2021

Snowing in Chelmsford from the air in 2021

BTWFC Billericay Town Walking Football Club Training Session