Bob Willis Experience Exhibition Features & Defect Clinic Live

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The Experience concept started many years ago with running feature areas at exhibitions across the world. The main aim was to provide practical examples of technology in action and to provide an educational experience for engineers. This led to creating and organising feature areas with many partners and supporting organisations. We have organised exhibition floor seminars and defect advice areas at all of the major exhibitions worldwide and happy to work with you. In addition for smaller features we run the Process Defect Clinic Live, providing unbiased answers and solutions to process problems live at shows. Its FREE consultancy at shows to visitors and exhibitors

The Experience concepts have been run with the following organisations, SMART Group, IPC & SMTA, NEW Exhibitions & Nepcon in United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden and Chicago, San Diego & Los Vegas in USA. A brand new concept for this year will be “BGA, Fine Pitch, Underfill & Conformal Coating Rework Experience” which we ran at at SMT Nuremberg, Germany and SMTA International, USA

The following are Bob Willis hands on feature areas, show floor seminars run at exhibitions and conferences around the world

IPC Area Array Rework & Repair Experience Live at NEW Electronics UK & SMT Germany 2016

NPL Defect Database Live at APEX 2011 & 2012 & Productronica Shows

Solder Paste & Solder Joint Automatic Inspection Experience SMTA International 2015, Productronica 2015 & NEW 2015

Cleaning & Conformal Coating Experience Productronica 2013 & NEW 2014

Lead-Free Interactive Forum Productronica 2005

Package On Package Design & Assembly Experience NEW UK & SMTA International 2014


Simultaneous Double Sided Reflow Soldering Experience Nepcon UK 2001


Pin in Hole Intrusive Reflow – Harting Connectors – Productronica/Hanover Fair 2001


Lead-Free Live Experience One, Two & Three  2004 – 2006


Exhibition Floor FREE Seminars at Multiple Shows Worldwide


Nepcon Malaysia Conference 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018