Bob Willis 2021 Online Webinars Launched

By November 14, 2020No Comments

Our public webinars for 2021 have now been launched with the first three dates for January, February and March available to book online. All our webinars are also available on demand at a time and date that fits your teams availability.  In addition our growing library of online archive video recordings are ready to provide support and education world wide from our website

Solder Wicking Defects – Benefits, Causes & Cures
11th Jan at 2.30pm UK Time

Solder Ball Elimination – In Wave, Selective & Reflow – Webinar
8th Feb at 2.30pm UK Time

Dendrite & Corrosion Failure on PCBs – Causes & Cures  – Webinar
8th March at 2.30pm UK Time

Tombstoning Components during Reflow Soldering – Causes & Cures
April at 2.30pm UK Time

Manual Cleaning of Printed Board Assemblies – Step By Step Guide
May at 2.30pm UK Time

Pin in Hole Intrusive Reflow Design & Assembly – 2021 Update Webinar
June at 2.30pm UK Time

Using Solder Preforms for Soldering in Electronics
July at 2.30pm UK Time

Handling Moisture Sensitive Devices & PCBs – Without Failure
August at 2.30pm UK Time

PCB Microsectioning, Analysis of Failure & Quality Standards
September at 2.30pm UK Time

Guide to Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing & Auditing Suppliers
October at 2.30pm UK Time

Hand Soldering & De-Soldering with Lead-Free & Tin/Lead Solder
November at 2.30pm UK Time

Conformal Coating Application Inspection & Coating Defects – Causes & Cures
December at 2.30pm UK Time