Bob Willis 2020 Online Webinar Topics Launched

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More focused webinars in 2020 than any other online provider in the electronics industry. If you have a specific topic you would like us to present online for your company let us know so we can support your team with process solutions

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10th Feb PCB Outgassing & Voiding – How to Test Bare or Assembled Boards
16th March  BGA & Area Array Failures, Causes & Corrective Actions
6th April Reflow Simulation – X-ray & Optical Help Solves Design & Process Problems
4th May  Ball Grid Array Rework – How to Do It Successfully

Coming soon

Practical Set-Up, Qualification of Cleaning Process in PCB Assembly
Solderability Benchmarking, Failures & Production Testing Methods
Monitoring & Benchmarking Your Processes & Assembly Yields
Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Inspection & Quality Control
Crimping Wire Termination Inspection & Quality Control
What is a Good Solder Joint – How to Test Your Joints
Guide to PCB Solder Finishes – Process Defects Causes & Cures

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