Back at SMT Nuremberg this June for QFN & PCB Failure Workshops

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Its been a couple of years but looking forward to working at SMT Hybrid & Packaging in Germany one of the best and most relaxed exhibitions in Europe. We will be running two workshops in the conference and one presentation in the Forum on the show floor during lunch. Please come and join us for one of our events

For further information and to Book a Place Online

Tuesday Morning 5th June LGA (Land Grid Array) QFN (Quad Flat No-lead) Design, Assembly & Rework Guide
Bob Willis

LGA and QFN have fast become a common package type often used in many professional portable products. With any new device type there is always a learning curve for design, process and quality engineers who have to get to grips with the challenges that these packages bring. Each step of the implementation process for LGA/QFN devices will be reviewed along with results of practice process trials with these devices.

Included with this workshop will be a set of optical and x-ray inspection charts for each delegate to use in manufacture. In addition, there is a 30 page guide to the most common process and reliability defects with bottom mounted components. The workshop presenter is well known for his practical workshops and supported by Bob Willis unique process video experiments on LGA/QFN/BTC are guaranteed to make the session come alive.

Who should attend?

This workshop is designed for design, process and quality engineers responsible for introducing products containing LGA/QFN. Much of the material presented is extremely visual and practical making it ideal for manufacturing staff, like all the instructors workshops it not just theory, it’s a “How to Do It Session” if a registered delegate has a process example they would like cover in the workshop it will need to be provided by email before the session.

Workshop Topics Included:

Component Package Types
Component Construction
MSD Handling Levels
Solderability Testing Packages
Printed Board Layout on Rigid and Flexible Circuits
Solder Mask Layout Options
Lead-Free Stencil Printing Options
Placement and Component Packaging
Convection and Vapour Phase Soldering Yields
Cleaning and Contamination Testing
Visual Inspection Criteria
X ray inspection Criteria
LGA/QFN Rework and Replacement
Array Solder Joint Reliability
Common Process Problems with LGA/QFP

Tuesday Lunch Time 5th June Forum Seminar Reflow Defect Elimination – How to solve process problems with video simulation
Bob Willis

Reflow defects can be examined and eliminated in manufacture by following some simple steps. Often companies have all the equipment and materials on site to solve process issues very quickly. Bob will illustrate how using optical and x-ray reflow simulation you can examine area array, pin in paste, Package on Package & Underhill failures

With over 30 years’ experience solving assembly and soldering defects Bob Willis will show you how. In addition, if you attend this presentation you can get a Free copy of his three photo defect guides on PCB Surface Finishes, Conformal Coating and LGA/QFN Soldering originally produced for SMART

Tuesday Afternoon 5th June Printed Circuit Board Failures – Causes and Cures
Bob Willis

The printed circuit board is the building block of any electronic assembly and as such must exceed specification and be totally compatible with the assembly processes used in modern assembly. Failures in PCBs can be cosmetic, often the most common reason for rejection in manufacture or assembly. Failures can be found during assembly and final test which are not ideal but much better than field returns.

In his presentation Bob will highlight test methods you can try and tricks of the trade to understand how PCBs can fail and how to eliminate many of the common causes. During the workshop there is a Q&A session which provides ample time for all delegate questions to be answered. However, if a delegate has a process example they would like cover in the workshop it will need to be provided by email before the session.

Selected topics covered:

Through hole plating failures
CAF contamination shorts
PCB Delamination
Nickel/Gold – Black pad & Black Tar
Inner layer separation
Solder mask cracking
Need for product specifications
Auditing a PCB supplier