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Archive Webinar Recordings on Soldering, PCB Assembly & Inspection

By March 3, 2017 News

Many of the webinars we present every month are available from our online archive. The video recordings and a copy of the slides can be provided for you or why not organise an education session with members of your team in a conference room so you can also discuss the subject after the session to implement your process improvements Webinar Archive Booking

Bob-Willis-webinar2017eHere are some of the webinars recordings available online, alternatively any of the topics can be presented live at a time or date suitable for you Click Here

Selected webinar topics

Package on Package (PoP) Assembly Process & Inspection
PCB Assembly Failure Analysis – How to Do It?
Laser & Contact Iron Automated Soldering Processes
BGA Dye & Pry Inspection – How to Do It?
BGA Optical & X-Ray Inspection Criteria
Counterfeit Component Inspection Methods
QFN/LGA Assembly & Inspection Criteria
Cleaning Printed Circuit Assemblies, Design & Process Control
PCB Surface Finishes Selection & Process Issues
Modern PCB Assembly Process – Management Overview
Bob-Willis-webinar2017Printed Circuit Board Manufacture – Management Overview
Pin In Hole Intrusive Reflow – How to Do It?
Ball Grid Array Rework – How to Do It
Design for Manufacture Review Procedures
Wave Solder In Process Control Procedures
Lead-Free Temperature Profiling – How to Do It?
Lead-Free Process Problems & Failure Modes
Printed Circuit Board Problems & Failure Modes
Monitoring & Comparing PPM Yields in Production
Hand Soldering & Desoldering with Lead-Free Solder