Bob Willis Diving in Lanzarote September 2017

You do not get the same volume of fish as in the Caribbean and its colder to dive but very clear water. The main reason for me on this trip was to dive on the sculpture park just like the one in Grenada and Mexico Yes would dive again as there is lots more to see if I get the opportunity

Bob Diving in Grand & Little Cayman December 2017

Diving was great fun this year with lots to see and video. I would always go back to Little Cayman again and again

Surface Mount Assembly Process Step by Step

To learn more on Bob Willis training and consultancy services visit A full description can be found in our process documents which a free to download online

SMTA Europe Electronics in Harsh Environments Pre Conference Webinar

Electronics in Harsh Environments Conference 24-26 April 2018 Crowne Plaza Amsterdam - Schiphol Building on the successful Contamination, Cleaning and Coating Conference in 2017, SMTA Europe will host the Electronics in Harsh Environments Conference on 24-26 April 2018 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The conference will focus on building reliable electronics used in power electronics and harsh environments to book visit Thermal, power and signal integrity requirements can present challenges when on devices that operate within harsh environments. Component integration, paired with a growing complexity of the package architectures, larger form factors and higher interconnection densities increase the risk of in-field failures. Over powering or over heating of a device can have serious consequences including internal package failure, down-stream device errors and second level interconnect solder joint failures. Soldering residues are more problematic, and if not understood, can result in both intermittent and complete device failure This conference tackles the challenges and best practices for building reliable electronic devices that will perform to design standards when used in harsh environments. Specific topics include building reliable high density assemblies, power electronics, electric hybrids, product assembly challenges, cleaning, coating, process control, and monitoring and tracking production hardware. Challenging areas such as high temperature soldering, solder material advances, and new standards will be presented

How to Play and Not Play Walking Football

Bob and Peter have put together a series of images of how to play and not play walking football. The aim is to play non contact walking football which is safe and fun for our team members and in line with Essex Walking Football. Please feel free to share the documents and video with other clubs You can download a photo guide FREE at

SMTA Europe Message for Christmas & New Year

Happy holidays and all the best for a sucsesfull New Year in 2018. VISIT US AT

New Book Reviews from Bob Willis June2018

Here are two of the latest books to be reviewed for the industry. We have many titles we have reviewed and featured on line for IPC, SMTA and Circuits Assembly magazine plus our top ten books for manufacture The latest titles include Materials and Processes: for Spacecraft and High Reliability Applications Barrie D Dunn Keep a Green Tree in Your Heart and Perhaps the Singing Bird Will Come Paperback by Brian Ellis & Darrel Staley Visit Bob Willis at