All Bob Willis training workshops are run on site at your manufacturing facility, conference or exhibition venues worldwide. We do also offer these online for conferences as we have done for IPC APEX and SMTA International. The content of any workshop may be modified to suit your specific requirements and can include training poster sets which may then be used for further staff education. If you require a specific training workshop and don’t see it listed, please Contact Us for further information. Shorter versions of these topics can also be run online

Selected workshop topics include:

Guide to MSL/MSD Moisture Sensitive Devices & PCB Control
LED Design, Assembly & Soldering Process Issues – Causes & Cures
Cleaning Printed Circuit Assemblies, Design & Process Control
Package on Package (PoP), STACK Assembly, Rework and Inspection
LGA (Land Grid Array) QFN (Quad Flat No-lead) Design and Assembly
Laser & Robotic Iron Soldering for Electronics Assembly
Printed Circuit Board Inspection and Quality Control
Practical Failure Analysis in Printed Board Assembly
High Temperature Assembly & Soldering Processes
Lead-Free Selective Soldering, Design, Process Challenges and Practical Solutions
Hands on Soldering and Desoldering
Hands on Surface Mount Rework and Repair
Counterfeit Component Workshop- Causes and Cures
Troubleshooting Your Lead Free Assembly Yields – On Site or Offshore
Flexible Circuit Board Design and Assembly with Lead-Free Alloys
Lead-Free Wave Soldering Process Troubleshooting
Successful X-Ray and Optical Inspection in a tin/lead or Lead-Free Process
Lead-Free Selective Soldering, Design, Quality Control and Practical Solutions
Vapour Phase & Convection Reflow For Lead Free– Selecting a Reflow Process
Conformal Coating Application and Inspection
BGA, CSP and Flip Chip PCB Design and Assembly
Counterfeit Component – Causes and Cures Workshop
Step by Step Ball Grid Array & Surface Mount Rework and Repair
0201 0155 & Smaller Component Design, Assembly and Inspection
Basic Printed Circuit Board Manufacture and Process Defects
Producing and Presenting Technical Presentations
Double Sided Reflow Design and Assembly
Selecting Solderable Finishes for BGA and Fine Pitch Assembly
Ball Grid Array Technology Design, Assembly and Inspection
Practical X-Ray Inspection of BGA and Quality Standards
Printed Board Design for Manufacture and Assembly in Lead Free
Pin in Hole/Intrusive Reflow Design and Assembly