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You can plan a complete year of training for your team all on line. It also allows you to have specific process problems solved that are causing you process failures, an extra engineer on your team with over 40 years of experience

The online webinars and video library can be accessed from the internet, eliminating the need to take time out of the office and avoid expensive travel costs. Our regular monthly webinars are listed in the Events Section

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The following are a small selection of the topics we can offer you and your company. If you have another topic you need covered please ask

Selected online topics:

Package on Package (PoP) Assembly Process & Inspection
PCB Assembly Failure Analysis – How to Do It?
Laser & Contact Iron Automated Soldering Processes
BGA Dye & Pry Inspection – How to Do It?
BGA Optical & X-Ray Inspection Criteria
Counterfeit Component Inspection Methods
QFN/LGA Assembly & Inspection Criteria
Cleaning Printed Circuit Assemblies, Design & Process Control
PCB Surface Finishes Selection & Process Issues
Modern PCB Assembly Process – Management Overview
Printed Circuit Board Manufacture – Management Overview
Pin In Hole Intrusive Reflow – How to Do It?
Ball Grid Array Rework – How to Do It
Design for Manufacture Review Procedures
Wave Solder In Process Control Procedures
Lead-Free Temperature Profiling – How to Do It?
Lead-Free Process Problems & Failure Modes
Printed Circuit Board Problems & Failure Modes
Monitoring & Comparing PPM Yields in Production
Hand Soldering & Desoldering with Lead-Free Solder
Ball Grid Array, Bottom Mounted Component Design, Assembly, Inspection & Defect Elimination
Solderability Benchmarking, Failures & Testing Methods
PCB Outgassing and How to Test Bare or Assembled Boards
Solder Shorts & How to Eliminate Them – In Selective & Wave Soldering
Hand Soldering & De-soldering with Lead-Free Solder
Void Formation in Solder Joints – Causes & Cures
0201, 01005 & Beyond – Design, Assembly & Inspection Solutions