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Bob Willis has an extensive range of 18 training videos available online. The complete video collection is available to view online for a fixed fee, based on a six month period. After purchase you are provided with links to each of the online videos for a period of six months. To see clips from videos in the library Click Here

Our online video library details are listed below and were created between 1995 and 2004:

Introduction to BGA Technology – Duration: 55 minutes

Component types
Design requirements
Screen print and reflow process
Inspection and quality control
Rework and repair
Process problems and solutions

SMT/Conventional Design for Manufacture – Duration: 55 minutes

Component selection
Component packaging
Solder resist types and solderable finishes
Hole sizes and pad sizes
Component positioning
Break out points
Fiducial marks and tooling
Laminate materials
Stencil requirements

Pin In Hole/Intrusive Reflow Assembly – Duration: 50 minutes

Design and Component Requirements
PIHR Advantages and Disadvantages
Paste Application by:
Stencil Printing
Double Stencil Print
Paste Dispensing
Stencil Aperture Calculations
Reflow Soldering Profiles
Inspection Requirements
Process Defects

Introduction to Conventional Assembly – Duration: 40 minutes

Design Rules
Printed Boards
Component Pre Forming
Manual Assembly
Automatic Assembly
Static Control
Hand Soldering
Wave Soldering
Soldering Defects

Wave Soldering Process Control – Duration: 28 minutes

Wave soldering process
Soldering materials
Process parameters
Setting process parameters
Quality control checks
Common soldering defects

Guide to Solder Paste & Screen Printing – Duration: 55 minutes

Solder paste selection
Screens and stencils
Practical machine setting
Solder paste thickness measurement
Quality control standards
Common screen printing defects

Wave Solder Defect Monitoring – Duration: 25 mins + spreadsheet

Wave solder introduction
Solder yield calculation
Manual & automatic charts
Practical examples
Wave solder defect types

Wave Solder Machine Operation/Maintenance – Duration: 45 minutes

Guide to wave soldering
Operation of equipment
Maintenance of:
Fluxer, solder pumps, pre-heat, solder wave, conveyor fingers
Health & safety
Maintenance procedures

Surface Mount Rework & Repair – Duration: 37 minutes

Removal/replacement of components
Adhesive removal
Solder short removal
Fine pitch repair
Common repair defects
Health & safety

Solderability Testing SMT Components – Duration: 26 minutes

Solderability theory
Component storage conditions
Manual and automatic testing
Solderability criteria
Common solderability defects

De-Soldering Conventional Components – Duration: 24 minutes

De-Soldering theory
Equipment operation
Component removal
Component replacement
Maintenance of equipment
Hand soldering

PCB Outgassing Test Kit – Duration: 10 mins + test procedures

Introduction to blow holes/pin holes
Reliability of solder voids
Non-destructive test method
Practical testing procedure
Accept and reject test examples

Reflow Soldering & Temperature Profiling – Duration: 30 minutes

Surface mount assembly
Reflow soldering theory
Vapour phase
Infra-red soldering
Convection reflow
Temperature profiling methods
Common reflow soldering defects

Guide to Basic PCB Manufacture – Duration: 22 minutes

Drilling operations
Solder resists
Solder finishes
Panel routing
Microsection examples

Static Control in Electronics – Duration: 30 minutes

Static generation
Component damage
Use of:
wrist straps
heel straps
conductive bags
work benches
work coats
trap testers
Static control standards

Introduction to Inert Soldering – Duration: 45 minutes

Modern assembly processes
inert gas advantages
benefits of nitrogen soldering
inert reflow/wave soldering
nitrogen gas supply
cost justification
Colin Lea/Chris Tanner interviews

Introduction to Contamination Testing – Duration: 40 minutes

Modern assembly techniques
International specifications
Printed circuit board failures
Ionic contamination measurement
Surface insulation resistance measurement

Introduction to X-Ray Inspection of BGA and Fine Pitch- Duration: 35 minutes

Criteria for:
component placement
BGA joints
chip components
gull wing terminations
Common SMT soldering defects
Test sheets for operator assessment

Introduction to Surface Mount Technology -Duration: 45 minutes

Component types
Component packaging
Design rules
Solder paste printing
Adhesive application
Reflow/wave soldering
Rework and repair
Soldering defects