Rework of Conventional & SMT 2

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The first screen introduces the user to the CD-ROM and the key topics covered in each section including conventional surface mount desoldering operations. Each section of the CD can be selected by using the interactive buttons next to the subject. The main screen also features an exit button to end the program. The CD features a complete introduction to surface mount and through hole assembly which may be followed with the on screen text or use of the audio tracks. This section shows the screen printing process for solder paste application. The component removal section covers surface mount chip, SOIC, PLCC, BGA and conventional through hole component removal. Each section provides video clips illustrating the component removal and text sections which gives the step by step procedures. The component replacement section again covers chip, SOIC, PLCC, BGA and through hole parts and additional topics like screen printing, solder short removal and BGA reballing of reworked parts

The inspection standards cover all the surface mount placement and soldering standards and can be accessed from this page. More detailed text based standards are also available for reference. The defect gallery provides photographs of defects seen during rework. Each photograph may be clicked to reveal a larger view of the defect. In the larger view of the defect section a text screen provides a description of the defect, possible causes and corrective actions for the process. There are a wide range of suppliers of surface mount and conventional through hole equipment and a selection of suppliers’ details is provided on the CD-ROM for reference