Half Day Consultancy for PCB/Soldering Failures

£395.00 exc VAT


Half day consultancy to examine printed board failures and provide a presentation of the findings during a conference call. This consultancy is based on samples boards or reports being send for examination to our offices in the UK for optical inspection. The results of which can be presented during the conference call with Q&A session. We will send you information and photographs as we examine the failure

Additional process information may be requested as part of the investigation

Boards may be returned if suitable courier account details are provided after examination of the boards

Alternatively a one day site visit can be arranged to review your process and failure examples. The initial result of which are presented during the one day visit, the online fee does not include travel or accommodation costs

Just book the consultancy online and we can then agree a date and time that fits your teams calendar

The half day booking option can be used for initial work on a future project