Guide to Simultaneous Double Sided Reflow Soldering

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In any process there are always opportunities to improve the process, reduce the number of process stages or reduce the cost of manufacture. Engineering is always looking at alternative processes, Simultaneous Double Sided Reflow (SDSR) is a possible new candidate to provide cost savings and increased throughput. The process was featured at Nepcon Electronic exhibition. The process was first described in the SMART Group Charity Report SDSRS which has raised money for worthy projects in the UK and America

In simple terms the process involves screen printing and placing components on both sides of the board with the option of using through hole components. Finally the whole assembly is run through a single reflow soldering process to solder both sides of the board and potentially the through components as well. It is currently being considered by two Japanese companies and reported being used by Philips in Europe and a couple of UK companies

The interactive CD-ROM covers:

SDSRS Advantages
SDSRS Disadvantages
Screen Printing
Adhesive Dispense
Adhesive Requirements
Component Placement
Reflow Soldering
Final Inspection
Process Issues
Process Results