Cleaning & Contamination Defects Photo Album

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Cleaning printed circuit boards has become more popular again due to the complexity of many board assemblies and coupled with the use of conformal coating. Products are often exposed to environments that often result in failures if bare boards or assemblies are not cleaned

We offer a wide range of Photo albums which provide process, quality engineers, marketing or editorial staff with a unique source of photographs which may be used in company inspection documents, technical presentations and websites provided the resulting product is not resold. The photographs can also be used in marketing and advertising material or in technical articles. They may be simply pasted into any Word or PowerPoint document for in house company use

Each photo album in our collection is provided as a digital download and contains between 200 -400 images of process defects, product examples and related images. Photographs may be in .jpg or .Tiff file format in high or medium resolution

The photo album features different examples of poor cleaning, dendrite related failures, poor adhesion of coating due to lack of cleaning and the impact of poor cleaning compatibility with different flux and components. This collection also includes video clips on cleaning and cleaning failures