0201 Chip Component Design, Assembly & Soldering Guide

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There has been considerable interest in the possibilities provided by the use of smaller pitches, smaller packages and area array components. The continued need for miniaturisation at component and board level assembly has seen the move to 0201 then 01005 with the future of even small chip components. This CD is one of the only training CDs produced by the industry for the industry. Due to the need for practical information we have produced this CD-ROM to cover the exiting material in the industry, reports of currently projects and recent seminars on the use of 0201

The CD covers each of the stage in manufacture, design rules, component selection, lead-free processes, inspection and quality control. An interactive defect guide highlights some of the issues faced in manufacture. A photo CD ROM is also available with hundreds of images for use in training documents

Subject authors on this┬áinteractive ┬áinclude: Angus Westwater, ROHM – Peter Grundy, Siemens PLC – Malcolm Warick, Loctite/Multicore – Bruce Seaton, Speedline Technologies – Simon Hawkins, OK Industries – Bob Willis Electronic Presentations Services and producer of the CD and report with the accompanying photo CD-ROM