Photo CD-ROMs provide process and quality engineers, marketing or editorial staff with a unique source of photographs which may be used in company inspection documents, technical presentations and web sites. The photographs can also be used in marketing and advertising material or in technical articles. They may be simply pasted into any Word or PowerPoint document for in house company use. Photographs on the CD are provided in .jpg or .Tiff file format. The PoP Photo CD-ROM contains over 350 images provided as either conventional colour images, x-rays or microsections covering printed boards, surface mount or conventional joints as well as solder paste, components and solder joints. A selection of satisfactory and rejects images are also provided.

The CD photo album contains images which may be used freely provided the resulting product is not resold. The images may be used without reference but not credited or copyrighted to any other company or source. The images should not be incorporated into any other database or CD-ROM without permission. There are seventeen photo CD ROMs available for sale from our website. If you need some specific images for training course or presentation we can often provided other images or produce images for you

Example images taken from the CD can be seen by downloading the PoP Assembly Photo CD PDF

The CD-ROM is £99 plus VAT