A set of 25 colour wall charts available covering inspection and quality control in Package on Package (PoP) assembly. The charts were produced to accompany the “Package on Package (PoP) STACK Package Assembly, Inspection & Rework Workshops” organised in Europe. The photographic poster guide is ideal reference source in your organisation and is provided as an Acrobat pdf file. The individual sheets can be printed at A4 for bench top reference or as A3 colour posters for display for operator reference or as a training aid.

The colour guide covers many of the following topics:

Optical inspection of joints
X-ray inspection
Component alignment
Solder paste dipping
Liquid flux application
Paste & flux depth monitoring
Open solder connections
Solder balling
Package warpage
Excess paste
Excess flux
BGA voiding
Package cracking
Mask damage

The poster set provided as a pdf is £45 plus VAT

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