Hands On PoP Assembly, Rework and Inspection One Day Onsite Workshop

Package on Package applications are growing in popularity for mobile and handheld professional electronics applications and with it placing further demands on assembly engineers. In simple terms PoP represents the stacking of components one on top of another either during the original component manufacture or during printed board assembly. As real estate is at a premium for logic and memory, PCB designers say the only way to go is up and up. POP packaging systems may include direct soldering, wire bonding or conductive adhesives for device to device interconnection

PoP is new to many contract and OEM assembly staff but with the demands of paste dipping, reflow warpage, increased placement accuracy and Z height control process introduction can be demanding. The difficulty in multi level ball inspection can be a challenge for x-ray equipment procedures as level one balls can mask level two and three interconnections. Manual inspection can be used but with these applications space is often not available for side viewing

For onsite workshops a company will receive a FREE set of Package on Package inspection and quality control wall charts plus a CD-ROM covering optical and x-ray inspection, dip flux and paste application, placement criteria and defects seen during assembly plus a copy of all of the slides presented during the training sessions

Who should attend?

This event is ideally suited to design, production and quality engineers looking at future technology and maintaining a company technology roadmap. It’s vital to subcontractors to be up-to-date with new technology and its possible implementation along with material and equipment requirements for future customers

Workshop topics include:

What is Package on Package (PoP)?
Benefits of PoP Stack Packages
Component Standards
Component Types
JEDEC Standards
PCB Design Rules
Pad Layout
Via Hole Connection
Lead-Free Assembly
Engineering Interviews
Stencil Printing
POP Placement
Tack Flux
Dip Solder Paste
Reflow Soldering
Vapour Phase
Temperature Profiling
Optical Inspection
X-ray inspection
Package on Package Defects

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