Assembly and soldering problems often occur in our industry and sometimes support to quickly identify and eliminate the true cause of production failures can be beneficial. This can be achieved with technical support or an onsite examination of products or processes. Alternatively sending examples of your failure can be a cost effective option to avoid on site visits, particularly if your manufacturing facility is in another country

Selecting materials, equipment, new processes or reviewing designs for manufacture can often require additional technical support for your company. Selecting printed board suppliers or contract assembly services is another service we provide for our customers

Running special feature areas, defect clinics, in show seminarsĀ and production linesĀ at exhibitions is a service we have offered for many years. Many of these special events are branded as “The Experience” a unique part of many exhibitions worldwide

All of these services are offered worldwide, we offer two types of consultancy services to support your company improve process yields, online or onsite. For details on the cost of onsite consultancy Click Here